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Frequently Asked Questions About Dr. Chester

About Me

My style of working with clients is one of partnership. We work together to set goals and measure progress. Clients work on change using manageable homework assignments in between sessions to maximize the therapeutic or coaching process. The goal in my work is to create a thriving, resilient individual, relationship, or organization.

My clients seem to take pleasure in working with me; I am told that I am warm, caring, and genuine. I have heard feedback that therapy with me is enjoyable and even fun! The majority of my client base is from past and current clients who have felt that they have made positive changes and want their friends and family to be able to do the same.


My Education and Training

I took my doctorate from Texas Woman's University in Counseling Psychology with a sub-specialty in Industrial/Organization Psychology. My Master's Degree is in Clinical/Counseling Psychology from Southern Methodist University.

My broad skill set comes from my working - competently -with a variety of people and situations. Previous to private practice, I was on staff at the SMU Counseling Center and provided services at Dallas Child Guidance Clinic. I have also provided services in inpatient and community based settings.

My post-doctoral experience focused on Organizational Psychology. I am pleased to be able to combine my clinical and organizational training and experience and use it to consult with individuals, businesses, and organizations who want to give their talent, and therefore themselves, the best chance of success. I have significant training and experience in providing both personal and executive coaching.


My Organizational Experience

I am the North Texas Principal for the Global Consulting Partnership, a select group of Business Psychologists providing services to Fortune 1000 and privately held organizations.

The Global Consulting Partnership works primarily with Fortune 1000 companies to enhance the performance of their human capital. My work with organizations centers around performance enhancement and change management.

I have a specialization in workplace violence prevention and organizational trauma prevention and recovery. Recent projects include -

  • building team effectiveness,

  • enhancing executive effectiveness,

  • executive coaching, C-suite to partner level,

  • Pre-promotion development,

  • Succession planning,

  • enhancing organizational recovery after incidents of workplace violence,

  • generating strategies for critical negotiations through analysis of the personalities of strategic partners, and,

  • designing and implementing effective hiring practices.


What is your philosophy of counseling or psychotherapy?

I believe that we all have an inherent desire for growth; we want the best for ourselves, our children, our marriage, our career. My privilege is to come along side with my clients to assist with that growth. Therapy with me is an active process and we are moving toward definable change.


What are your goals for your therapy clients?

I really care about my clients and I want the end result of therapy to be positive change. My desire is that at the end of the process they will have tools that they can use to maintain change and to continue to craft positive change in their lives. It is not my goal to have people in psychotherapy for an extended period of time.


What is your philosophy of Coaching?

I believe in creating resilient people and organizations.  I coach people who are interested in getting the best out of themselves, and who want to make positive changes to impact their lives and their organizations.  The more clearly a person can visualize what they want to accomplish, the more likely -- the more real -- that vision becomes.  It is my pleasure to help create and accomplish that vision with my coaching clients.


What are your goals for coaching clients?

Coaching clients are very different, based upon their goals and their positions in the organization. The end result of coaching should be a client who is in charge of their own life and career, and who can fully and accurately direct any portion of an organization under their control.  To accomplish this, the client will also achieve meaningful insight into their own personality and motivation, change behaviors as necessary to reach their goals, and learn to interpret and react effectively to signals from those parts of the organization not under their control.


What kind of experience do you have?

I have been providing mental health services for over 20 years. I have worked with literally thousands of people from all walks of life and all ages.


What kinds of problems do you work with?

I prefer to work with individuals who want to make positive change in their life. I do not work with those who are seriously mentally ill unless they are quite stable on their medication. I am happy to work with those individuals who are dealing with various addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex) as long as they are actively working a 12 step program and have a sponsor.


Do you incorporate Christian principles into your work with clients?

Many clients that I work with have a Christian background or orientation, some do not. l do not project my spiritual values on the client, instead my work with clients is based on their particular spiritual values. I am however, quite comfortable incorporating Christian principles into the therapy if the client so chooses.


How often do you schedule appointments?

Most people tend to come in once per week initially. When tangible progress is being seen, then sessions will be spread out - biweekly, monthly, and then maintenance sessions as needed.


Do you see children?

I do not specialize in young children, although I enjoy working with them as part of family therapy.  I have extensive experience with helping school age children and their parents overcome the stressors and challenges in their lives.  I would also be happy to provide a referral if specialized individual therapy is needed for a child.


Do you see adolescents?

I really enjoy working with school age children and adolescents. There are many stressors in our world today that affect this age group and having additional support for both the child and parent(s) is extremely helpful. The parent is involved in the therapy to the degree that it assists in meeting our treatment goals. For example, I may recommend that they read a particular book or change a specific way that they are interacting with their child, or they may spend part of a session with the child addressing communication issues. No matter what, I always check in with the parent(s) each session to get a sense of how things are going from their perspective


Do you see clients in the evening or on Saturdays?

My latest appointment is 5:00 pm. My family is my priority and I need time to nurture those relationships and to be a wife and mother. I do not see clients on Saturdays.


What about emergency situations?

Emergencies do happen. When they occur and we both agree that there is a need for an emergency session, then a session can be scheduled outside of normal business hours. There is an additional charge for emergency sessions


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